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Ceylon KOPI

KOPI - Ceylon Coffee

Where Every Sip Brings Smiles

Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, and equally renowned is its coffee. But what makes KOPI truly special is our commitment to quality, sustainability, and the belief that every cup of coffee can bring smiles not just to our customers but also to the farmers who need our support. At KOPI, we collect handpicked coffee cherries directly from the home gardens of Kandy. The dedicated hands of our local farmers carefully select each cherry, ensuring that only the best and ripest are chosen. Our products carry the essence of Ceylon, bringing you a taste of paradise in every cup. But we are not just about exceptional coffee; we are also about making a difference in the lives of those who work tirelessly to bring this goodness to your table.
KOPI - Ceylon Coffee

Why Ceylon Coffee Is Special

Unique Origin

Ceylon coffee stands out due to its distinct origin in Sri Lanka, offering a unique flavor profile attributed to the region's climate and soil.

Wild and Home Garden Cultivation

KOPI sources beans from both wild-grown and home garden cultivation, contributing to diverse flavors and supporting sustainable agricultural practices.

Direct Purchasing

The brand practices direct purchasing, ensuring a transparent supply chain and supporting ethical practices by establishing direct relationships with coffee producers.

Ethical Sourcing

KOPI prioritizes ethical sourcing, emphasizing fair trade and responsible agricultural methods to benefit local communities and promote sustainable coffee production.

Real Flavor Experience

Ceylon coffee provides a genuine taste experience, reflecting the purity of its origin and the meticulous care taken in its cultivation, harvesting, and processing.

Exceptional Quality

The commitment to quality is evident in every cup of Ceylon coffee, with stringent quality control measures and a focus on delivering a premium product that stands apart from coffee produced in other regions.
Ceylon Coffee Resurgence

From 1780 to Modern Mastery

Ceylon coffee has a rich history dating back to the 1780s when it was ¬†started by the Dutch and then the British took it over. The cultivation began in the central hills, laying the foundation for the coffee industry. During the British colonial period, Ceylon coffee gained prominence. Large-scale plantations were established, and the industry flourished, contributing significantly to the country’s economy.

In the 20th century, Ceylon coffee experienced a resurgence. Small-scale farmers began cultivating coffee, diversifying into different varieties, and exploring the unique flavors of the region.The late 20th century and early 21st century witnessed a global rise in the demand for specialty coffee. Ceylon coffee producers embraced this trend, focusing on quality, unique profiles, and sustainable practices. Today, Ceylon coffee has evolved into a symbol of modern mastery. Producers leverage advanced cultivation methods, sustainable practices, and a commitment to quality, positioning Ceylon coffee as a premium and sought-after choice in the global coffee market.

Old Ceylon Coffee Production in 1800s
Golden era of Dutch Ceylon Coffee
Coffee Cultivation Area in old Ceylon

What makes Ceylon KOPI Rare and Special?

A Rich Heritage in Every Sip

From Colonial Elegance to Modern Revival

Ceylon coffee, tracing its roots to the 1780s in the lush landscapes of Sri Lanka, boasts a captivating journey through history. Introduced by the Dutch, the industry flourished in the island's elevated regions, gaining recognition for its unique terroir. By the 19th century, Ceylon coffee emerged as a global sensation, renowned for its exquisite quality and distinct flavor profile. However, the industry faced setbacks in the form of devastating diseases, leading to a decline in production. In the modern era, a remarkable resurgence has occurred, with a renewed focus on specialty coffee. Ceylon coffee now delights connoisseurs with its bright acidity, medium body, and nuanced flavors, reaffirming its status as a premier coffee origin with a rich and enduring legacy.
A Journey through soil

Unveiling the Unique Soil Stories

Sri Lanka’s coffee terroir in Kandy’s elevated highlands, ideal for Arabica with bright acidity and nuanced flavors. In Kegalle’s lowlands, robust soils nurture resilient Robusta beans, yielding bold profiles with earthy tones. 

Rich Soil Composition
Altitude and Well-Drained Terrain
Rainfall Patterns
Behind the Brew

Empowering our local smallholder farmers

Empowering local smallholder coffee farmers is our mission. Across Kandy and Kegalle, we’re transforming communities by involving 1000 farmers in our innovative coffee manufacturing process. Through sustainable practices and fair trade, we ensure their success. Together, we’re not just producing coffee; we’re cultivating futures, fostering economic growth, and creating a thriving, empowered community.

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Renowned for exquisite coffee, a heritage of quality, and sustainable practices in Sri Lanka.



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